Sunday, October 14, 2012

Planting tufts on a cork base tutorial

Hi! Here is a simple step by step way to use tuft as decorative elements. In my case, I’m planting some tufts on a thick cork base but this technique will also be good for foam or even plastic and wooden base.

First, you need to cut or drill a hole in the surface where you want to plant the tuft. Then, fill the hole with white glue and use a eyebrow clip or craft pliers with curved end to hold the tuft strands in the middle.

What’s nice about the curved end tool, is that it’s perfect to push the strands in the holes and work at an angle.

Bend the strands on one side to hold them in place while slowly removing the pliers.

The tuft may look a little hirsute at first...

You can trim the excessively long twigs to the desired length.

To complete the effect using flock. Here I’ve used dried oregano instead of most commonly used birch seeds.

Orange or yellow paint can be applied on the leaves after the glue is dry.

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