Saturday, March 30, 2013

Metalchaos Noir Art

During his long walk down the Abyss.
With the weight of a thousand souls on his shoulders.
Near the howling Crypt of Wraiths.

Talarand met with a Beast at the Gates of Abandonment, down the deep voids of emptiness. He first thought it was a Cerberus but he soon realized that the abomination was a Chimeric Cù-Sìth. It had three heads, all incarnations of evil. The head of a vulture attacking with a giant beak was extending from its right side. At the center was the head of a rat face wolf with sharp teeth. On its left flank it had a praying mantis head with all seeing eyes and huge mandibles.

The fearless warrior knew that the aberration was weakened by a toady foot and atrophied wings. That brood of chaos should have been keep chained with magical metal, he mumbled. Reaching for a scroll, he adjured a spell of magic circle against chaos upon his armor.

As magical silver lights began to dance around him, he hammered his tower shield on the ground and crouched to avoid the sharp vulture beak. He could see the madness in the eyes of the bull size hound. In a swift move, he plunged his sword deep in the toothy maw.

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