Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ghouls and Ghast

Because heroes need foes the cut through, here are the Ghouls and Ghast I painted this week. They are Reaper Miniatures 02282, Ghoul Warrior sculpted by bob Ridolfi and 02941, Ghouls and Ghast sculpted by Ben Siens. I’ve cut the Ghoul Warrior’s arm to meet the needs of the diorama I’m working on for Halloween.

I used Vallejo cork brown paint as base color for the skin. Then, I applied a flat brown wash and blended some highlights with green gray and dark flesh which in fact are not dark at all. I finished with purple bruises and different tones of flat red mixed with charcoal color for the blood.

Here is a sneak peek at my upcoming diorama.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bogorislav the Mad

Here is Bogorislav the Mad, my interpretation of Reaper Miniatures Boris Mingla sculpted by Werner Klocke. I only added a toupee on this one. Again, I mixed both non metallic metal and real metallic paint to continue my exploration of this combination of techniques.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eusebe the Sturdy

Here is my interpretation of Boris the Evil Fighter from Reaper Miniaturers. It was sculpted by Bobby Jackson. I converted it, repositioning is gladius upwards and adding some hair on is bald head. His left arm was also slightly repositioned frontward to receive a Death Knight shield on which I added the two smaller horns.

I decided to call him Eusebe the Sturdy in homage to an elderly neighbour who turned 98 years old lately.

I painted the armor and shield using brass metallic color and a mix of blue and silver over a black primer.

Starmare the Unicorn

Here is Starmare the Unicorn from Reaper Miniatures. It was my entry in Reaper's Summer of Monsters painting contest. It was hard getting this purple shading. I had to apply many white glazes over the purple shading because it was too radical.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Scuttlebones, Undead Crad WIP

Ok, here is another WIP I did last June, Scuttlebones the Undead Crad.
This mini was sculpted by Jason Wiebe. It's amazing but needed a lot of care before painting.

I had to pin the front legs as the glue was not strong enough to solidly hold them in place.

Then a pale green base coat over a grey primer coat.

Some brown wash.

Some more brown wash.

Then I started some green highlight / blending.

 At that point I started working on the base as I needed to mark the location of the legs on the putty and I didn't want to ruin the paint. I used some Milliput to shape a reef on which the crab will be standing. Then i'll use green stuff to create textures.

I then covered the putty with green stuff and added some textures and carved some waves like the ones I did on the bases of my Water Elemental and Wereshark.

And, I applied the primer. So now the base is ready to be painted.

 Ok, here are some step by step pictures from painting the water. I started with a Powderburn Brown wash on the rocks. And, I fully painted the waves using a Dark Prussian Blue.

Then, I applied a lighter Blue blend.

I added a green wash on some areas.

 A mix of light Bleu and pale Bleu blending.

Then, a light Blue and green highlight.

And finally, some white and pale green/yellow glazing.

Next step, the rocks. A dark Bleu Grey dry brushing.
Then, a light Grey dry brushing.

Some more light Grey blending.

And a Brown Sand wash.

Then, I was thinking of a Beige dry brush on the top surface to create a sand effect... So, I worked on the Crab. I started with some more green blending some more.

 And I started highlighting some areas.

Here are some pictures of what's done for now.

I added some blue on the legs and the shell. And, I painted the interior of the shell.

The yellow base coat is now completed on the claws.
I left some green spots so the colors will blend when I’ll apply the upcoming layers.

Some more pictures... I think orange is really adding life to it.

Then, I worked on the red and basecoated the spikes.

I'm done with the crab now. I just wanted to show some more pictures before sealing it.

And, here are the final pictures. Thanks for watching.