Saturday, September 1, 2012

Scuttlebones, Undead Crad WIP

Ok, here is another WIP I did last June, Scuttlebones the Undead Crad.
This mini was sculpted by Jason Wiebe. It's amazing but needed a lot of care before painting.

I had to pin the front legs as the glue was not strong enough to solidly hold them in place.

Then a pale green base coat over a grey primer coat.

Some brown wash.

Some more brown wash.

Then I started some green highlight / blending.

 At that point I started working on the base as I needed to mark the location of the legs on the putty and I didn't want to ruin the paint. I used some Milliput to shape a reef on which the crab will be standing. Then i'll use green stuff to create textures.

I then covered the putty with green stuff and added some textures and carved some waves like the ones I did on the bases of my Water Elemental and Wereshark.

And, I applied the primer. So now the base is ready to be painted.

 Ok, here are some step by step pictures from painting the water. I started with a Powderburn Brown wash on the rocks. And, I fully painted the waves using a Dark Prussian Blue.

Then, I applied a lighter Blue blend.

I added a green wash on some areas.

 A mix of light Bleu and pale Bleu blending.

Then, a light Blue and green highlight.

And finally, some white and pale green/yellow glazing.

Next step, the rocks. A dark Bleu Grey dry brushing.
Then, a light Grey dry brushing.

Some more light Grey blending.

And a Brown Sand wash.

Then, I was thinking of a Beige dry brush on the top surface to create a sand effect... So, I worked on the Crab. I started with some more green blending some more.

 And I started highlighting some areas.

Here are some pictures of what's done for now.

I added some blue on the legs and the shell. And, I painted the interior of the shell.

The yellow base coat is now completed on the claws.
I left some green spots so the colors will blend when I’ll apply the upcoming layers.

Some more pictures... I think orange is really adding life to it.

Then, I worked on the red and basecoated the spikes.

I'm done with the crab now. I just wanted to show some more pictures before sealing it.

And, here are the final pictures. Thanks for watching.

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