Sunday, January 30, 2011

Marthrangul, Reaper Miniatures Dragon

Hi everyone,

As a first entry for my blog let me show you a dragon I painted some times ago.
This is Marthrangul, Reaper Miniatures model 10020 sculpted by Jim Johnson.

The following pictures illustrate the dragon as it was before I make some changes to make it more realistic. I also explain the steps to make my changes. As you can see, the wings membranes were all blue with some lightning effect, but I was not really happy on how it turned out.

So, I first applied a coat of brown paint hoping the wings to be more beautiful in the end.

I got some advices then I decided to paint the wings like those of a bat.

I've been doing some highlighting and a red wash over the wings membrane and the tale spike.

I've been adding some highlighting on the wings and some shadows on the head. As I,ve lurn the technic I used to highligh the wings is called glazing.

Then i did the veins. They don't show that much so I had to retouch theme after the final glazing.

The wings membranes glazing completed. I’ve been applying a purple, a medium orange and a sand beige glaze one over the another. The veins are still showing through and I think the purple edges will help mixing the red color with the purple/pink stripe. I’ve also did a dark purple/blue wash over the body scales.

Then, I've done a red highlight on the body scales. It doesn't show much but the next yellow highlight will surely help.

I did another blue wash to add more shadow and the blue ridge seem to melt down with the blue shadow of the body scales.

Here are some more pictures showing a white dry brushing and the red dry brushing. The white brushing is a scary part of the process but it definitely help pull up the red.

Finaly, I did some more highlighting on the scales with some orange and yellow.
I've also add some ivory on the horns and spine spikes. I'm happy with the final result. I hope you enjoyed, your comments are very welcome.

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