Sunday, June 16, 2019

02603, Skrug the Bugbear Shaman

This model was sculpted by Ben Siens.
It’s mounted on a 40mm round base and was painted with acrylics. 

After a major earthquake shook the mountain range of western Zenitonia, Skrug and his clan had no other choice then move. Their entire lair was destroyed in a dreadful collapse. Dozens of Bugbear died or were trapped under the unstable rubbles, survivors had to leave.

Has Hruggek abandoned his fateful worshipers? For, after traveling by night and hiding in a valley of the Vermillion Hills, the horde had to stop by the Lynx River torrents. There, they were decimated by a group of adventurers passing by looking for Belladonna berries. Only two families managed to escape the slaughter crossing the river on a makeshift raft.

Belladonna or Wolfsbane berries are very toxic, they are also an essential ingredient to concoct the cure against lycanthropy. But this is another story.

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