Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cathedral 01

This model was inspired by the Tristram Cathedral in Diablo 1 computer game.
In the next posts I will be explaining how I built this diorama.

Diorama size: 24" x 36" x 24" high (61 x 91 x 61cm high).

300 hours work and $200 of plastic, wood and foam
were used to create this diorama.

Six trees, a graveyard, a crypt and various grass,
turf and dead leaf decorate the ground.
The image above is a screenshot from the original Diablo 1 computer game. I have no affiliation with Blizzard or any of their product including the Diablo computer games. I added this screenshot picture on my blog only so people can compare it with my tribute work.

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Cathedral 02

Unfortunately, I decided to start taking pictures while the project was well under way.

You can see the tools I've been using to cut, trim and glue the wood sticks, fiberboard and plastic boards.

The roof frame was made of wood sticks, then recovered with cardboards.

Some more wood sticks were used to create roof beams.

The exceeding roof beams gives the building an antique look.

Now, all of the wood sticks have been glued to the roof cardboards.

Cedar shingles textured plastic sheets were cut to fit the roof slops.

Cathedral 03

Again, some wood sticks were used to make the roof ridge.

You can see I've been using Plastruct plastic boards to recover all surfaces.

All cracks and holes were filled with Milliput putty.

Here, I fill the gap between the plastic boards and sculpt some tiles to match the texture.

Here is the entrance hall with all the gaps filled with putty.

Again all gaps were filled with putty.

Cathedral 04

The entrance hall was placed and adjusted against the building wall.

The windows and door ornaments were cut out of plastic cards.

Overview of the building front.

Here is a full view of the work so far.

Notice the ornaments around the cathedral windows.

All the gaps between the building wall plastic sheeting was filled with putty.

Cathedral 05

Again, windows ornaments were cut out of plastic cards.

Some wood sticks were used to make the gable ridges.

A wood and plastic cross and wood stick were used to complete the roof ridge.

Old Ral Partha Hydra heads were used to decorate the roof edges.

The plastic sheeting was glued to the gable roof.

Sand was then glued to the dormer windows walls.

The gable was made of cardboard and wood sticks.

The pyramidal gable was invented as we can’t see it completely in the Diablo game.

Cathedral 06

Here is a close up at the gable details with the Hydra heads.
Vaulted column steeple cut out of wood
The gable on top of the bell tower walls.

I’ve glue sand inside the steeple.

Black primer all over the gable.

The steeple is covered with sand, a crypt and both gables.

Working the putty was hard work with knife.

Cathedral 07

Electric tool proved better for hard putty.

The gargoyles of a RAFM base and Ral Partha column from the Bridge of Sorrow. Glued together to create the main entrance of the diorama.

On the left side, a bell made of putty. The tools I used.

I did some curving on the bell.

The all model with the courtyard walls and the main entrance column.

Some doors were added and insulating boards were cut for the base.

Black primer all over the Cathedral.

Cathedral 08

Some paint test was done on the small gable.

At first the model was supposed to be painted with the same colors that in the Diablo game.

More detail on the back of the building added.

Front view, black primer.

This is the main entrance. To bad the picture was blurry.

Rear view at the building.

Cedar roots were used to make a dead tree.